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Online Installment Lending
Startup made easy

Comprehensive consulting services in the small dollar consumer lending marketplace utilizing experience, knowledge, and a proven operational team to provide a turn key operation for a profitable and sustainable loan portfolio for any investment scope.

The Rock Solid Foundation

0 +
Years Ownership Experience

Our operational team that has 10+ years ownership experience in every facet of the lending business including:




LMS Software

We Understand What it Takes

We not only understand what it takes to be successful but we’re offering to dedicate ourselves, our best practices, trade secrets, and our top active managerial staff to build a successful and efficient online lending portfolio for the right investor. Through consulting agreements, we aim to become a non-equity partner in startup lending portfolios.

The Highest Possible Chance of Success​

Whether you, as the investor, want to operate the business yourself or have our portfolio managers operate it for you, we ensure the highest possible chance of long term success with a combination of widespread experience, minimized cost structures, proven underwriting algorithms, established relationships, and instant traction into a highly scalable market.

The Opportunity


You're a hands-on business person who wants to oversee daily operations, hire own staff, and personally acquire the skill set of online consumer lending.


We'll assist you in complete setup including, but not limited to: vendor management, state licensing, staff hiring/training, lead acquisition/underwriting, and payments management strategies. We will fully deliver a turnkey lending business to your operational team and continue to provide constant assistance and oversight to ensure efficient and profitable operations.


You're a high net worth investment group who does not want the daily burden of operating a new business but wants exposure to the high rate of return capabilities in the online consumer lending space without the limitations of a fixed interest rate financing structure. 


We will build out office space on site of our corporate office, hire and train employees, and CDS management team will run operations of the new lender on the investor's behalf. Investor will own the corporation, set budget, and receive 100% of business profits.

The Potential

Months to Operationally Profitability
Months to Investment Principle Return
0 %
Aggregate Return in 36 Months

*  Graphs depict Passive Model user with $2,000,000 invested

** Active Model gives investor more control over expenses, funding, and personnel; returns can vary based on operational capacity management and pace of business flow comprehension.

The First Step

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